3 Months of Pluralsight Training – Free c/o Microsoft

Microsoft is at it again!

Just by joining their new online platform Visual Studio Dev Essentials, you gain access to a 3 month credit at Pluralsight, Linux Academy, Opsgility, WintellectNOW and tons of other services and opportunities.

I’m a week into my 3 month free period at Pluralsight, using it to brush up on Node and learn React thoroughly.

Scrimba – Another Learner’s Paradise

Interactive screencast learning!

This morning I discovered Scrimba, a free tool for creating interactive screencasts for teaching web development and all things coding. Thanks to the Papaerbot from Chingu’s Slack, who let me know!

You can browse the available lessons in a simple, streamlined interface. There is already some really cool stuff on there, and I have to assume this is going to explode in popularity very quickly. I’m going to check back every day to consume as much as I can!

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Code Snippets – The answer to all your WordPress hacking needs

I’ve been using a great WordPress plugin called Code Snippets.

Rather than dropping PHP directly into your theme’s functions.php file, where it will be lost if you update or switch themes, (and where you can easily overwrite or break your theme’s code accidentally) you can instead keep your code additions organized with Code Snippets. They are saved in separate little snippets, like posts, which can easily be named, tagged, documented, exported/imported and independently activated and deactivated.

Just install it from the WP plugin repository, activate it, and dive in from the Snippets menu item in the admin area of WordPress.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp

I just discovered freeCodeCamp, and I’m addicted. I highly recommend it for anyone who is just starting coding or web learning, or for anyone like me who has a hodgepodge of technical knowledge but would like to fill in the cracks and learn in a systematized way, with best practices and common design patterns.

As the name says, it’s free. It also offers free certificates for some of its milestones, which is a nice thing to have, and will probably carry more weight with employers in the coming months and years.

Check it out!